Past half way

The new manager is here! Hooray! And I have finally had a day off, yay!

Things have been relatively quiet recently. We have still had dogs coming in regularly, although thankfully not huge litters of puppies or anything.

Talking of puppies, Tiger mum, a dog we rescued from the village that was at risk of being hanged by villagers, has had her puppies. 3 girls and a boy. All are big strapping pups, and she is doing very well being a mum. Also Simon, the puppy I am hand rearing, is doing great. He has been started on solid food, he loves a good adventurise around the office. He’ll be all grown up soon and won’t need his adoptive mummy.  The squirrel I am hand rearing is also doing well. Her eyes have opened and she is getting very brave, climbing up and down my arm when I am trying to feed her.  She won’t be on solid food for another week or so, despite being about a week older than Simon. I have been doing lots of Googling and I’m hoping I can full rear her. She is certainly doing a lot better than we expected when she first was found.

We had a dog brought to us about 2 weeks ago. I had received a phone call about a street dog with ‘worms crawling out his ears’. Turns out that meant a massive maggot infestation. Not only that but his ear was grossly swollen, as were his lymph nodes. He also had hair loss and was incredibly underweight. Despite probably being in massive amounts of pain, he sat very patiently while the vet and nurse pulled out 100+ maggots from his ear.  Stray dogs amaze me. It’s as if they know we are helping them. The often just sit patiently during treatment and just accept it knowing it will make them feel better. I named him Snarf and he has improved quite a lot on a short space of time. He still has a fair amount of recovering to do, but he is certainly in less discomfort. Sadly a lot of the tissue inside his ear was necrotic and was removed. He may need some surgery in the future but at the moment he is just concentrating on recovering.



I am now officially past the half-way point of my time here in Sri Lanka. Today is day 109 of 187. To be honest the time has flown past. In some respects it feels like I have been here forever, but so much has happened, and months keep just rolling round that I can’t believe we are in July! It’s been strange this year because I haven’t had the normal markers – Easter, summer holidays, family members birthdays, bank holidays etc – to see the year rolling past, so I am going to go home in September and it will still feel like March to me!

So not only is it less than 3 months until *I* go home, but it is also less than 3 months til I get to take a dog home to live with me. You didn’t honestly think I would come out here, work with 500+ dogs and not fall in love with one?


Isnt she classy?

Her name is Penny and she was brought in not long before I got here. She was found on the beach with a litter of 6 puppies. She was housed, with her puppies, in a room behind my office and she would stand up on a ledge looking out and wanting attention. So I would go outside and chat to her. I didn’t know her name, so I started calling her Mummy Dog (turns out her registered name here is Amber – I have renamed her Penny as that’s the name she’ll have back home) and would just give her pats and chat to her. Once her puppies were big enough, she would come out for a while during the day and she would always come find me and want to get into the office with me. Well she is now a permanent feature in the office, and if I am not in the office she is clamped to my ankle following me around. She has even figured out how to open doors so she can find me if I am in the clinic. She even once managed to get the front door to my flat opened!

Her puppies have all grown up and have either been rehomed or are out in the pack here. Penny doesn’t fit very well into the pack here and is incredibly submissive with some dogs, and terrified of others. She has a wee crew round the back of the building, where she sleeps at night. It is mainly made up of her, her boyfriend Clooney and a bunch of 4 -6 month old puppies that she can boss around.


Sharing a romantic meal with Clooney

I felt that she really would be a good pet. She’s got a lovely temperament, she’s a good size and she doesn’t fit in here, she’s very much a people dog. So I had to work on my parents a little, but eventually they agreed I could bring her back (my mum, who took the most convincing, is now beside herself with excitement. She has even gone shopping for a dog walking jacket!). I had to get a sample of her blood sent back to the UK to be tested to make sure she has antibodies against rabies (all the dogs here are vaccinated against rabies) which she does, so we have her certificate. That means she won’t need to go in to quarantine when we land, she can come straight home with me. All that is left to do is get her a crate built, and get her on the plane home! After her blood test, I have to wait 3 months before she can fly. That would be the end of August, and I fly home in September anyway so that’s when she will fly too. I am hoping to get her on the same flights as me, if not then at least flights on the same day.

I am super tres excited about having a dog at home, although she may not appreciate the cold Scottish weather. I’ll buy her a wee jacket and booties to keep her cosy.


I think she is excited too!


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